Sales Process & Negotiation Training Programs

Sales Training Courses We Offer:

Consultative Selling: This highly interactive workshop focuses on the fundamentals of a consultative sales process. It has been psychologically supported that how effective you are with people far outweighs intelligence, education, or physical assets.

Relationship Based Selling: This workshop leverages everything in Sales Profile that leverages to help salespeople communicate better and improve their selling relationships.

Effective Selling: Built around Every Sales Profile, a powerful easy-to-use research-validated learning model, you gain an understanding or the steps associated with reading and understanding your customers’ communication and buying styles.

Sales Excellence: The program from Alert is designed to provide a broad range of the most vital skills of the sales profession and is perfect for beginners as well as the salespeople who have been selling for years, but have not had the benefit of much in the way of training, process, and structure.

Sales Prospecting & Business Development: The program from Alert is designed to empower sales professionals with the skills they need to find or create an unlimited supply of new sales opportunities.

Selling to Top Level Executives: This high-impact program is designed to teach salespeople how to reach, relate to, sell to, and build business relationships with the CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, and other VP and senior-level executives.

Strategic and Global Account Penetration : Whether your company has a formal strategic account management (SAM) unit, or your salespeople each manage one or more accounts that could be deemed “strategic,” the Strategic Account Penetration program from Alert was designed for you and is available as an on- site workshop or a series of one-hour web workshops.

Tele performance Excellence: The Tele Performance Excellence program from Alert. is designed specifically for sales professionals who sell primarily over the phone, via email, and using other interactive technologies. It is available as an on-site workshop or a series of one-hour web workshops.

Time Management: The program from Alert is designed to help sales professionals take control of their time to maximize their sales results.

Negotiation Training Courses We Offer:

Negotiating Strategies for Profitability: This program is designed to help sales professionals and sales managers, or anyone in a customer-facing role, learn to effectively resolve customer issues, overcome objections, close without being pushy, and apply proven negotiation strategies and tactics.

Powerful Negotiations: Using solid negotiation concepts and practical communication skills, this interactive workshop will help you increase your ability to create a collaborative environment and develop more win-win situations.

Successful Negotiation Techniques: This program takes the basics of communication and builds on the process of knowing what you want and identifying how you will achieve that result.