Behavioural Training

Alert harnessing its rich experience in 12 industry sectors, offers customized behavioral training solutions for corporate. Leading organizations across 25 companies have gained competitive advantage and enhanced productivity by deploying behavioral training solutions. Alert carries out needs diagnostic study to identify skill gaps, develops customized content, delivers solutions through blended learning approach and carries out metrics-based evaluation for clients. All training solutions are designed in line with the clients' business objectives.

Are silos and turf wars affecting your productivity?

• Conducted team building programs for a financial services company, which resulted in development of new revenue streams

• Conducted team building programs for cross functional teams of an international banking chain, which helped them align to a common goal;

• Ensured virtual teams and geographically dispersed teams to align to a common culture

Other behavioral training solutions offered at Alert Knowledge Services!

• Communication skills
• Presentation skills
• Winning through people
• Interpersonal skills
• Negotiation skills
• Effective planning
• Creative thinking
• Multitasking
• Coaching & Mentoring
• Success by choice
• Motivational training
• Creative problem solving
• Decision making