Alert Parenting Workshops

An enjoyable way of learning about the most special relationship of your life

Uniquely powerful workshops to help you…

• Take the Stress out of Parenting
• Enjoy spending Quality Time with your children
• Employ modern strategies for Effective Parenting
• Nurture a personality geared for Care and Success

Workshops that have already been successfully conducted at several institutions and schools in North India, winning praise from participants and managements.

Parental Art - an exciting series…

    "Do you know your Parenting Style?"
    Get to know yourself…as a parent. Are you too demanding or just too there a balance that you can seek? Awareness, ego states, parenting styles.

    "Sharing…thoughts & feelings"
    Effective Communication can lead to a wonderful relationship. Filled with moments of togetherness that will remain with you forever.
    Components of communication, Listening, Being listened to, Harmony.

    "Dare to Discipline?"
    Take the tedium out of Disciplining…make things happen. Getting things done without having to shout and argue.
    What is discipline, Setting limits, Rule making, Self-dependence.

    "Help them face the world…with Pride!"
    Self-esteem forms the core of an individual’s personality. Nurture this core in order to give your child an enduring persona.

    "Make them leaders…now and for the future"
    From Motivation…to Self-motivation. Parents are the greatest motivators...constantly encouraging their children on the growth it in studies, sport or the social environment.
    Awareness & Expectation, Role of rewards and punishment, Peer pressure, Winning.

    "Tackling Teens"
    Learn to handle the most volatile stage of your child. Help your child make sense out of the fast changing pace of entry into adulthood.
    Uniqueness of adolescence, Independence, Letting go.

    "Early Parenthood"
    Prepares young couples/parents for parenthood.
    What is Parenting, Developmental issues, What lies ahead.

    "Creative wonders"
    Keeping alight the candle of creativity in an increasingly structured life-style. The essence of being.

    "Family Values"
    Faced with the increasing westernization of our society, Indian family values are under increasing pressure. How can we retain the essence of positive values at the same time allowing for the natural evolution of value systems?
    Morals, Sex Education, Role of Media.

    "Social Skills"
    Inculcating skills to enhance social competence. All children need to be prepared to swim out into the deep, open seas of gain positively from social experiences.

    Each workshop is a blend of interactive sessions with expert presentations. The ideas, concepts and techniques being presented in this workshop series are based on existing theories and have been tried, tested and proven for their effectiveness. All to make this a thoroughly enjoyable and effective experience.

    Each of the above workshops is of approx. 2.5 hours duration. These are modular workshops and thus can be presented independently or bundled with one or more of the above in a series. Schedules can be according to mutual convenience





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