Soft Skills Training

Alert is your communication training solution specializing in communication that drives profitable performance! We design, develop and facilitate custom soft skills training programs for organizations across the globe.

Effective communication is at the heart of any successful organization. Improve your management skills, perfect your written communication, facilitate more effective meetings or become a stronger presenter through Alert’s highly engaging and interactive communications workshops.

From interpersonal skills to business writing, learn techniques to create a verbal or written message that is clear, succinct, focused and achieves results. Our effective communication training workshops address a variety of different audiences and situations. Alert is able to tailor a Soft Skills training programs to fit the needs of your team, department or organization.

    Communication Skills Training: This workshop looks at behavior as a choice and increases awareness of the consequences behavioral choices have on others.

    Presenting With Clarity & Confidence: In this workshop participants will learn to better communicate a message, stay on target, and connect with their audience.

    Understanding Yourself...The Key To Success: This highly interactive program has four modules. Each attendee must complete an Workplace Profile as pre- work.

    Business Communications: In this interactive course, participants will learn the communication process and understand their communication style.

    PresentationSMART: This course is recommended for anyone who needs to give presentations, speak in front of groups and influence others.

    Meeting SMART: In this workshop learn how to prepare for a productive meeting, manage conflicts, and effective ways to start and end meetings.

    ConversationSMART: This one day seminar examines how leaders coach, communicate, praise, and model crucial conversational behaviors.

    People Skills & Professionalism: This course is designed to provide and understanding of how to project a more professional image to create credibility and respect.

    Becoming A Trusted Technical Advisor: Learn the combination of technical/business intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), and operational intelligence (XQ) that leads to success as a Trusted Technical Advisor.

    Dealing with Difficult People At Work: In this workshop participants will learn what behavior is difficult for them to handle and ways to control their reactions toward it.

    Building Stronger Business Relationships: This course will help you increase understanding and communication to build stronger, more successful relationships.

    Emotional Intelligence Training: This emotional intelligence course will help you understand the link between emotion and behavior, communication, and trust, to apply various approaches to understand yourself, and to leverage emotions to make better decisions

    Effective Conflict Resolution: Participants will learn to identify the early warning signs of conflict and how to work more effectively with their own as well as others' emotions.

    Business Writing Training: The class teaches the basics of business writing from improving grammar to writing with clarity to being a better proofreader.

    Technical & Report Writing: This course is designed to give good writers or technical staff that has decent writing skills, the tools needed to design, develops and maintain technical documents.

    Writing For Leadership: This is a hands-on, one-day course developed by former senior managers that know the demands of being a leader in a corporate environment and have experience as editors of publications.

    Writing To Improve Your Bottom Line: This highly interactive, fast paced practical writing program is fun and full of tips and techniques that can increase your bottom line by making your written communication compelling, brief, and active.