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Training & Placement Consulting - TPC

    Training & Placement Consulting (TPC) is a unique initiative by ALERT GROUP an education management company. Under these services, we facilitate all those solutions which training & placement officer of an education institute is supposed to perform. TPC is responsible for almost all outdoor activities including industry visits, summer internships, guest lectures, HR visits, training of students, faculty training and finally placement activities of the institution. The TPC services is many times better than a single TPO of the institution as a team of professional minds with different industry knowledge works behind it where a Project Manager keeps in touch with the college authorities by visiting them weekly for requirements

    • You do not have a TPO.
    • You do not wish to appoint a TPO
    • Your TPO is not producing desired output.
    • Your placement ratio is low.
    • You are worried about summer training of your students.
    • You do not find your students industry ready or with right employability skills.
    • You want to conduct lectures by experts from various industries.

    Engineering Colleges
    Management Colleges
    Polytechnic Colleges
    Pharmacy Colleges

    Summer Internships
    Lectures by Industry Experts
    Industrial Visits
    Final Placement Activities

    TPC by a Team of Dedicated Professionals
    Unique Super Service
    Quick Solutions
    Qualitative Service
    Separate Interface for Different Industries
    Only 1 TPC client in respective course in each district
    One visit every week helps managing well
    Expertise of entire company works for the clients

    The TPC is beneficial to all the institutions that want to over shine their competitors by using innovative solutions provided under this service by ALERT GROUP. TPC is backed by a team of highly experienced professionals of mix of HR, marketing & technical coming from various industrial/corporate backgrounds. The entire company works for fulfilling needs of client institutions.

    We at ALERT have developed a full-fledged and fully operational independent training & placement department to take care of all outdoor needs of client institutions for guest lectures, HR visits, industry visits, summer internships and placement activities by coordinating between industry and academia.

    The major benefit is that we join hands with only one institution (of a particular kind) in a district and organize all events in the same institution whole year. We deploy a Project Manager in every client institution to fulfill their needs and perform duties of TPC.

    TPC service is economically viable even for low budget institutions.

    There is a fixed amount payable on monthly basis.

    Fee is lower than monthly salary of a good TPO.

    The Fee depends on the number of courses.

    This is absolutely value for money service.

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