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What sets us apart

What sets us apart?

People with a passion for innovative product development and client service.

Alert Knowledge Service Pvt. Ltd. has an exceptional combination of people, processes, facilities and track record. Brought together, this enables innovative product development and insightful technology consulting. The typical customer benefits are a faster time to market, increased return on product development investment, and lower risk for our clients.

  • People you can trust with a passion for Consulting, Training & Technology with innovation and innovative development.
  • Heritage and track record: Credibility won from a heritage of 5 years of disruptive winning market share for our clients
  • A suite of intellectual property supporting key capabilities
  • Technology capability in the key technologies driving our target markets
  • Proven processes: Advanced processes and tools to support our teams in achieving the most rapid time to market. Project management that minimizes the key risks at all stages. System design capability that produces lower risk and faster implementation
  • Scale: Staff, including Consultants, Trainers, Engineers and Designers, able to bring multidisciplinary technology insight to client problems.
  • Our breadth of operation across medical and pharmaceuticals, wireless communications, consumer and industrial, energy and transport, and defense and security, enables insights and solution approaches to be transferred efficiently between sectors



Would you like us to assist in your

Email : corporates@alert.co.in


Would you like us to assist in your

Email : campus@alert.co.in