Alert Knowledge Services


We position our clients at the forefront of their field by advancing an agenda.

We have seen many strategies and plans unfold, giving us a global education industry framework to provide true solutions and results that leverages lessons learnt, reflects the real world scenario and appeals to all involved.

School Affiliation

Alert Knowledge Services ensures Indian schools achieve top board affiliations.

School Management Services

Academic consultant aiding Indian schools for excellence and efficient administration.

Teacher Recruitment Services

At Alert Knowledge Services, we specialize in teacher recruitment for schools.

School Feasibility Study

Objective study assesses new school's necessity and potential for success

School Quality Audit

Enhance schools through multifaceted, independent, and objective Quality Audit.

School Project Finance

Alert Knowledge Services: Tailored project financing for Indian school establishments.

Marketing & Barnding

Coming Soon....

Curriculum Development

Expertise in curriculum development meeting educational board standards.

School Training Support

Coming Soon....

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