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Turning School Library
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Turning School Library into Resource Centre

According to the 5th All India Educational Survey, only about 40% of the public schools have libraries in the country. Moreover, the situation in rural areas is worse than the urban areas. The number of the trained librarians working in the schools is still less. Although the Central Government has made libraries a priority to help raise the literacy rate, yet these are not receiving the right attention as revealed by the NCERT survey. Their resources in terms of staff and funds are scarce, as these have received the least priority. The school libraries neither have good collections nor sufficient space. Most of the schools have no qualified staff in their libraries. The condition of school libraries is very pathetic.

We at ALERT have an initiative by addressing this very important but abandoned and less attended area and scheduled a 1-day Unique and Innovative National Workshop on CBSE Recommended Topic “Turning School Library into Resource Centre” for school Library Personnel, Principals, Vice-Principals, Administrators, and Managers for helping them understand the needs of New Age Libraries. A must attend Program for all the schools so that changes can be implemented and executed.

CBSE has strongly recommended in its library guidelines that the school library staff must be trained to update their skills and competence as per the requirement of today’s learner and resources. The workshop aims at inculcating in them all the library Management Skills that are crucially desired from them as real time Learning Ambassadors. So don’t miss this Once in a LifeTime Learning Opportunity to make your school stand tall in the crowd of thousands of schools.



  • School Libraries, ‘From Isolation to Collaboration’.
  • Bridging between the Library and Classroom.
  • Library Services – Marketing Techniques.

  • Capacity Building of School Librarians.

  • Promoting Reading; Tools and Tips.

  • Building Digital Resources in School Libraries.

  • Social Media to reach out to School Communities.

  • School Libraries and Information Literacy.

  • Connecting Classrooms worldwide thru Libraries


Taking all the requirements of the topic in consideration, ALERT KNOWLEDGE SERVICES with its great effort has reached its ultimate destination to provide you with the best learning experience you ever had, by our team of Experts. They come from diverse backgrounds in library science education with a lot of rich experience with them.

The Resource Persons will include Professors from topmost universities of the country to equip you with what actually you are supposed to have to be a perfect new age librarian with their expertise and experience they carry with them. They come with international affiliations and updated subject knowledge. Therefore our workshop is a lifetime opportunity to understand the process and a platform to ask the experts about your doubts and gain confidence under their guidance.


  • To update your knowledge about the changing nature and needs of school libraries.
  • To equip with the strategies to develop global learning communities through collaborations
  • To learn to apply marketing strategies.
  • To learn the techniques to digitise with limited resources.


  • Confidence in Personality
  • Sense of Professionalism
  • Sense of Responsibility
  • A New Approach Towards the Job
  • Becoming a Sought after Principal
  • Calibre of Taking the school to New Heights
  • Learning ways to use 100% Potential
  • Networking with Edu Professionals from all India


  • Updated Knowledge about New Age Libraries.
  • Participation Certificate.
  • Training Material, Handouts, Stationery etc.
  • Networking with other school librarian leaders from other parts of the country.

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