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School Safety Audit

At Alert Knowledge Services, our School Safety Audit offers a thorough, independent assessment of safety measures in educational institutions. We systematically evaluate general school safety, transport safety, and overall safety protocols to identify vulnerabilities and enhance security. Our audit aims to create a secure learning environment by scrutinizing infrastructure, emergency plans, transportation policies, and compliance with safety regulations.

Our tailored audit services provide actionable insights and recommendations to optimize safety standards and foster a culture of responsibility within schools. We focus on mitigating risks, improving safety protocols, and ensuring the well-being of students, staff, and visitors. With Alert Knowledge Services, educational institutions can confidently enhance their safety measures and create a protected environment for everyone involved.

Comprehensive Safety Audit

Our Comprehensive Safety Audit is a holistic assessment that delves deep into the safety measures and protocols of educational institutions. This audit covers general school safety, transportation safety, and overall safety practices to ensure a secure learning environment. We meticulously examine infrastructure, emergency response plans, security measures, and compliance with safety regulations. Our goal is to identify vulnerabilities, recommend practical solutions, and enhance safety standards across all areas of school operations.

School Transport Audit

The School Transport Audit focuses specifically on transportation safety, ensuring the safe and secure transportation of students to and from school. We assess transportation policies, vehicle maintenance, driver training, and safety protocols to identify areas for improvement and compliance. Our audit aims to mitigate risks associated with school transportation, optimize safety measures, and ensure the well-being of students during their commute. We provide actionable points to enhance transport safety and foster a culture of responsibility among transportation staff.

First Aid Protocol cum SOP

The First Aid Protocol cum SOP is the guide book for first aiders as to help them with the procedures and steps of first aid in various kinds of injuries, accidents and emergencies. First Aid Assessment, First Aid Kit, Equipment, Registers etc.

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School Safety & Emergency Manual

Child Safety is the utmost concern of Govt. of India and all other National & International bodies. It is about Physical, Social Emotional and Cyber Safety & Emergency. This manual covers all the aspects of child safety which are recommended by boards.

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SOP for Field Trips & Excursions

SOP for Field Trips & Excursions is a guide book for arranging, managing & preparing for Trips. This document contains categories of event, responsibility delegations, buddy teams, emergency procedures, financials etc.

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SOP for School Transport

Standard Operating Procedure for School Transport is meant to serve as guide book. Steps and procedures for school routine pick-ups and drops, outstation trips, daily and monthly reports, bus maintenance schedules & emergency arrangements.

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“Alert Knowledge Services’ training session has elevated our school to new heights, setting a standard for excellence that’s second to none.”

Dr. ( Ms) Gunmeet Bindra

Daly College, Indore

” Alert Knowledge Services’ training session has elevated our school to new heights, setting a standard for excellence that’s second to none. “

Ms. Srisha Mohandoss

CEO, SSVM Institutions, Coimbatore

Sonika Sharma, Director Principal, Gd Goenka Public School, Siliguru

“Alert Knowledge Services’ “Perfect Principal” program is a transformative tool for school leaders, enhancing skills.”

Ms. Sonika Sharma

CEO, SSVM Institutions, Coimbatore

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