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Welcome to the world of Educational Innovations by ALERT KNOWLEDGE SERVICES. We at ALERT, have devised First Time in India some unique and must to have documents for the schools for smooth sailing, proper functioning and to be at par with schools of developed countries. These are some very important Handbooks, SOP’s, and Manuals for proper functioning of the schools including all the required policies, procedures & guidelines to not only successfully run a school but also help meet requirements of affiliating bodies. These documents serve dual purposes as not only to help you run your school automatically but also to prepare for Quality Benchmarking Systems, Assessment & Accreditation like NABET, ISO & others. Also strengthen the school competing for Ranking Assessments & Educational Awards. Let’s understand what an SOP, a Handbook and a Manual is all about:

SOP's For Schools By Alert Knowldge Services


A Standard Operating Procedure serves as a guide book involving the steps to perform any task or job in the school in order to ensure uniformity. It is pre- requisite to have such procedural documents for a Quality School.

* SOP for Accounts & Finance
* SOP for Purchase & Material
* SOP for School Transport
* SOP for Prevention of Sexual Harassment
* SOP for Recruitment & Selections
* SOP for Admissions
* SOP for Events & Functions
* SOP for Field Trips & Excursions
* First Aid Protocol cum SOP
* SOP for Prevention of Bullying
* Annual Activity Plane
handbooks For Schools By Alert Knowldge Services


A Handbook is a document that carries Rules & Regulations and Terms & Condition for Students, Teachers & Principal and various departments in school. This document should be issued to all the concerned including staff members and students at the time of Induction.

* Students – Parent Handbook
* Teacher - Employee Handbook
* Principal’s Handbook
Manual's For Schools By Alert Knowldge Services


A Manual is an instructional book and skilling document that contains information & modus operandi to perform certain tasks and handle situations of a department in school.

* School Human Resource (HR) Manual
* School Safety & Emergency Manual
* Special Educators’ Manual
* School Counsellors’ Manual
* Primary Teachers’ Manual
* Secondary Teachers’ Manual
* School Library Manual
* Manual for Best Practices
* School Canteen Manual
* School Hostel Manual
* Manual for Outreach Programs
* Manual for Classroom Management
* Manual for Project Based Learning
* Manual for Remedial Teaching
* Manual for School Improvement
* Manual for Teacher Evaluation

Begin the New Academic Year with all the required Policies, Procedures, SOP’s,  Handbooks and Manuals in order to AUTOMATIZE THE SCHOOL. Though the  minimum Order is 8 books but I strongly recommend to go for the WHOLE SET as  they together will make CONSTITUTION OF YOUR SCHOOL. Please find brief  about all the 30 titles.

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